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Tutorial Resources

◇ These have been mostly created around 2015 and revised December 2016
◇ Some may be a little out of date, however, the basics remain the same

The following free tutorials and presentations offer a simple approach to technology. They are suitable for the average user who requires some IT help that may not be covered very well elsewhere, or is covered in too much technical detail. Much of the material covered is relevant to the Apple Mac and the iPad. However, most of the information applies to other Operating Systems and devices as well. This material was being created primarily, but not exclusively, for an iPad tutorial group. It is a work in progress ... currently on hold.

Guardrail Tutorials

PDF - 227kB

PDF - 285kB

PDF - 488kB

PDF - 196kB

PDF - 252kB

PDF - 804kB

PDF - 264kB

PDF - 245kB

PDF - 199kB

PDF - 285kB

PDF - 302kB

PDF - 248kB

PDF - 395kB

PDF - 790kB

PDF - 548kB

All tutorials are PDF files usually between about 300kB and 800kB in size. They should open in any modern web browser


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