Healthy Computing

Think About IT

Computers and Information Technology have given us tremendous advantages, yet our highly connected digital world also comes with certain disadvantages and serious risks also. We need to be aware of these in order to maintain a safe and healthy IT environment.

Be aware of the risks!

We need to be in control of the following for safe and enjoyable computing and use of the internet:

  • IT Security
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Health issues regarding computer use


We all know it is important to update software, especially when security updates are available. Recently also we have been advised to turn off Java applets in whatever web browser we are using because of known vulnerabilities within applets. Furthermore, we need to run some sort of malware protection software to help protect us from viruses, trojans, spyware, spookware and scumware (especially if we are using Windows).

Of course we also need a good password management policy and adhere to the guidelines regarding choice of usernames and passwords. Additionally we need to make backups of important data by either using a cloud storage service (such as Google Drive) or an external hard drive (preferably both).

The Australian Government provides a number of different websites for helping people to avoid scams and other online dangers. Such as the following:

Concerned about Crapware?

We all need to be aware of the danger of software downloads these days. Unfortunately several large and reputable software download websites have succumbed to the lure of bundling unwanted third part software (‘foistware’) with popular downloads.

For the purpose of avoiding ‘foistware’ and ‘crapware’ bundled with software downloads, the following service reportedly continues to be safe and reputable:


As always, think before you click!

Cloud Storage and Security

For users of cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Windows OneDrive, Apple iCloud or Dropbox etc, the following points neeed to be considered:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Different passwords for different accounts
  • Password protect documents that contain specific data
  • Encrypt sensitive data for added security

For a more details read this article from Kaspersky Lab:
A Guide to Cloud File Storage

Health problems related to computer use

Whether it be eye strain, postural problems or repetitive strain injury, these need to be addressed in order for computing to be an enjoyable experience. Apart from the obvious physical problems there is also the problem of mental stress and strain that may occur (I like to call it 'chronic information fatigue').

Lack of exercise and poor diet resulting from excessive computer use can also have long term consequences. The sooner these kinds of problems can be addressed the better.

Vision Impairment

Some tips on how to see text and images clearly

  • Enlarge your text
  • Customize your display
  • Increase icon size
  • Use the Magnifier
  • Enlarge your mouse pointer
  • Improve your screen resolution
  • Magnify your computer screen

I may add to this web page over time, however I don't want to provide lengthy help on topics where there is already a lot of useful information on the internet. Usually when i want the answer to a technical problem, I use Google, or any other search engine such as Bing or DuckDuckGo. If you provide the right terminology, you will usually find a relevant answer. The key is in using the correct terms and using clear concise language.

Stay safe, and happy computing!