About me

◇ Certified IT Professional with qualifications from both TAFE and University
◇ I have been working from home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
◇ Providing tutorials and help with computers and software
◇ I occasionally provide IT support to retirees in the local area


University of the Sunshine Coast - Information Technology (2008)

  • Systems Integration
  • Java Programming
  • Database Programming
  • Telecommunications and Networks
  • Systems Analysis and Design

Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE - Information Technology (2005)

  • Website Administration
  • Systems Administration
  • Network Management
  • Technical Support

World Wide Web - Information Technology (2009 - 2019)

  • W3C Standards Compliance
  • HTML and CSS Scripting
  • Javascript Integration
  • Website Design and Maintenance

Northern Rivers CAE - Environmental Science (1980)

  • Geology
  • Soil Science
  • Botany
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems
  • National Parks Management

Born in the 'fiftees', I came into computing a little late in life. By the late 1990s I realised it was time to study computers seriously. Like most others, I was also becoming more reliant upon computers and associated technology. The internet was fast becoming one of the great technological advances of our time. Microsoft was taking over from IBM as the dominant tech company. Steve Jobs returned to Apple (1996). The iPod and iTunes were launched (2001). Apple was resurrected, eventually to become the first trillion dollar company (2018), largely on the back of the hugely successful iPhone. Google and Amazon had emerged triumphant out of the Tech Wreck of 2001 also. It was an exciting time in the world of IT. Since that time (from 2003 to 2008), I have completed IT studies at TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and a Graduate Diploma in Information Systems at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Now I occasionally do some work from home (between growing veggies and practising yoga), and do my best to keep up with the ever changing world of Information Technology.